Annual Sales Conference

Annual Sales Conference 2021
Annual Sales Conference 2020
Annual Sales Conference 2019

Seminar and Workshop

Webinar from Lifotronic, China on the Gold Standard Technique HPLC at NICVD Karachi
Webinar on from GAMedipan, Germany and Hands-on training over ELISA 2022
Modern Diagnosis of Autoimmune Disease at PCMD Uok 2021
Diagnosis of Liphoproliferative Disorders at NIBD 2021
Diasource-Free Vitamin D Webinar 2018
Cell Marque seminar at LUMS Hyderabad 2018
Seminar & Hands-on Workshop on IFA at MEMON MEDICAL INSTITUTE 2017
RTD on Inexscreen at PNS SHIFA,2017
Training Session on IFA at PNS SHIFA, 2017
IFA WorkShop 2017 at JPMC
Webinar Memon Medical 2016


One Dish Party At Head Office Karachi 2022
Farewell of Ms. Sidra Shoaib 2021
One Dish Party At Head Office Karachi 2021
Team FY enjoy Hi-Tea at Rangoli Arena, Karachi 2021
Farewell Of Ms. Rida Haider 2021
Inauguration Ceremony of New Office 2018
Farwell of Ms. Yousra 2018
3rd Pak Health Expo International Exhibition Lahore 2018
Farewell Of Mr. Farhan 2018
Fertility Product Launching Ceremony, july 2017
LNH Health Fair 2017
Pak Health Expo Lahore 2017
Independence Day August 14th 2016
Picnic at Mubarak Village2016
Cricket Match 2016
karachi Expo 2015
Histopathologial Conference 2013


A delegation from Genrui Biotech Inc. China, two days cyclic training session by Engr. Cheng Li
Scholarship to Mr. Aneeq 2019
Scholarship 2016

International Business Meeting & Exhibitions

Medlab Dubai, 2022
Generic Assay/Medipan-Germany Official Meeting 2022
Diapro-Italy Official Meeting 2022
Medica held in Germany, 2021
AACC Atlanta USA, 2021
Foreign delegation from AutoBio China in FY Head Office, 2019
Cytotest-USA Meeting,May 2018
Cell Marque-USA Distributor Training & Meeting. May,2018
DIASOURCE Middle East Distributor Meeting,2018
Business Meeting with Humasis (korean delegate) sep,2017
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